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The leading name in luxurious tables, desks and counters, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Specialising in: Reception counters, desk systems, conference tables and storage

Integrity. Quality. Sustainability.

These are the foundations upon which Sven Christiansen was built back in the creative boom of the mid-1970s.

These are also the foundations upon which the company has built every single piece of top-grade office furniture since that time.

It’s no coincidence then, that these are the three values that have helped Sven Christiansen to really stand out in a market already overcrowded with manufacturers more focussed on the next-big-thing than on the hallmarks of true master craftsmanship.

That’s not to say that Sven don’t have their eye on the future or that their current portfolio of gracefully designed desks, elegant tables and remarkable quality reception counters don’t reflect contemporary design trends.

Every product they create is designed with the needs and tastes of modern users in mind and looks right at home in today’s workplaces.

Sven furniture goes beyond the here and now. It goes beyond being merely practical. It goes beyond being the kind of furniture you’ll eventually tire of and replace when the next big trend arrives.

It goes beyond all of that and stands out for its altogether timeless quality that will serve as a true talking point for many years to come.

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Solid, durable and environmentally-friendly products from a brand you can rely on

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Sven are fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council which promotes responsible use of the world’s forests and holds businesses accountable for the way they utilise Earth’s natural resources. For environmentally conscious businesses, this means that investing in Sven products for your workspace can go a long way in meeting your eco-efficiency agenda. Yet that’s only one reason why more and more organisations are turning to this nationwide manufacturer when revamping their office spaces. With their own in-house metalworkers, upholsterers and expert cabinetmakers on board, Sven’s manufacturing process combines the latest technologies with tried-and-trusted traditional methods and exceptional human skills to create utterly flawless products. From the Ambus group of bench desks, storage, freestanding desks and conference tables that serve as the brand’s flagship collection to the X-Range brand of task chairs and sofas that combine effortless functionality with elegant style, everything Sven does is done with finesse and exceptional attention to detail.

Flexible, versatile and highly customisable

The majority of Sven’s high-grade tables, desks and counters are available in veneer or MFC finishes (or a combination of the two) to help you enjoy a style that perfectly compliments the design of your workplace.

Yet that barely scratches the surface when it comes to the sheer number of ways that you can tailor your Sven products to meet your exact specifications.

Whether you’ve got an idea for a unique reception desk that you’re sure will create a memorable first impression with visitors, or simply want to tweak one of the company’s signature products to better reflect your style, the company are on hand to help.

As well as designing beautiful bespoke products on commission, they can also fine-tune their existing pieces to match your exact requirements.

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Metric Interiors

A fun, interesting and inspiring day at Clerkenwell. Huge thanks to @Elite_Furniture @wearebisley and @senator_social for your hospitality!