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Award-winning luxury workplace furniture from one of Britain's longest-serving manufacturers.

Specialising in: Office seating, desks, break-out furniture & meeting booths

For over a century, the Buckinghamshire-based company have held their own at the very forefront of British manufacturing.

Over the past several years, the furniture industry has seen a wealth of hip, new startups bursting onto the scene, each one promising to change the game with new groundbreaking ideas and never-before-seen designs.

Verco is not one of those companies.

They’ve seen trends come and they’ve seen trends go. They’ve seen new designers and manufacturers arrive with big, bold promises to shake things up, and they’ve seen those very same designers and manufacturers disappear again just as quickly.

Through it all, they’ve continued to build an ever-growing, ever-loyal customer base by focussing on three key essentials:

  • Sustainable, high-standard materials
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Beautiful design

Over 100-years of dedication to the craft of quality furniture-making

Located deep in the heart of the Chiltern Hills, the company was first formed way back in 1912 by craftsman Chair Maker William Vere, whose popular Windsor Chairs were carved from locally-sourced timber.

With a few name changes along the way, William Vere & Co. continued to flourish, branching out into other forms of domestic furniture such as dining room suites and lounge sofas.

The brand even made it through World War II, supplying chairs to the British Armed Forces.

In the 1960s, the company began shifting towards the quality office furniture they’re known and respected for today, bringing the same levels of outstanding comfort and style from the home into the workplace.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Verco’s long tenure and unbeatable track record of producing premium-grade seating, workstations and other office furniture have made them one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, with their products also proving popular across Europe and the United States.

grey office chair
TYL1-3 office chair purple


When experience and innovation combine

lime desk chair mesh
office furniture contemporary
Despite their history, don’t be mistaken in viewing Verco as a company stuck in the past. If there’s one secret ingredient to the brand’s continued success, it’s their unwavering commitment to changing with the times. Whether it’s their striking, high-back sofas, playfully curved visual system screens or their collection of solid, stylish meeting and conference tables, every product Verco looks right at home in even the most modern of workspaces. Among the highlights of their collection is the Jensen Hut, a beautifully upholstered acoustic booth with soft seating for four people, table, and roof. Likewise, the Jensen Shelter features a high acoustic surround and upholstered ceiling to deliver the ultimate in comfort, privacy and style. Elsewhere, their brand of Verve high-back chairs and box-it study spaces boast a contemporary design that makes them the ideal addition to any open-plan or break-out space.

Exceptional attention to detail

Unlike other office furniture manufacturers, Verco’s product catalogue doesn’t simply begin and end with the big stuff.

Yes, chairs, desks and conference tables remain their core products, but this is a brand who understand the big difference small details can make.

That’s why they’ve designed their own brand of monitor arms, power modules, lighting, and cable management solutions, meaning every last aspect of your office is kitted out with products that offer the same high standards of quality, style, and functionality.