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Bringing the outdoors indoors

office interior outdoors

Living walls are no longer exclusive to architectural companies looking to win design awards, nowadays they are gaining attention from businesses of all types and sizes and it’s not all about aesthetics either.

It has long been established that people feel instinctively more relaxed and calm around greenery and that plants promote positive psychological responses so it makes absolute sense to include them in the workplace environment. Doing so is likely to improve the productivity and efficiency of the workforce and increase its general well-being. Furthermore green walls have acoustic properties. They dampen noise and absorb acoustic energy so can be used strategically to mask sound in noisy areas.

Then there are the aesthetics … Making a wall literally come to life has the most stunning of effects ideal for reception areas, boardrooms and breakout areas. Walls can be living or artificial. Artificial walls offer the greatest flexibility and customisable options without the requirement for water or maintenance. They come in a range of finishes too – moss, bark and grass to mention just a few!

Speak to us about the many options available and how we can connect your workforce with nature!

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