Richmond Housing Partnership – Phase 2

Following the successful refurbishment of their Teddington offices Metric were invited to create and install new and innovative training/meeting areas with a particular focus on flexible use of space.

Each room was given a very different design treatment creating areas suitable to various meeting requirements.

The three rooms were named The Lab, The Forest and The Space.

The Lab is a bright, quirky, ‘clinical’ space. The combination of a large presentation wall, conference seating, re-configurable tabling, soft seating and storage allows for the configuration of a number of distinct meeting facilities – formal and informal. The mood created by the room design is conducive to focussed thought productivity.

The Forest is a quiet, reflective and relaxed environment. Digital wall covering and mirrored walls are incorporated for dramatic effect and combined with grass textured carpet you are transported to the great outdoors escaping the normal office constraints and allowing for creative thought and conversation. Soft seating throughout in muted tones reflect the flowers of the forest and further adds to the escapism of the environment.

The Space is a relaxed, informal area with white brick walls and stripy floors incorporating hot desking for internet access, games consoles and table football. It is a chill out area inspiring creative thought and collaborative discussion.

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