Is your workplace ready for 2019?


Office design has become ever more important over recent years. It is a given that the productivity and the quality of your team is a direct result of their experience in the workplace. The core features of the office design process going into 2019 are to maximise collaboration, creativity, flexibility and the promotion of innovative ideas. With a little creative thought and know-how this can be easily achieved – whatever the budget!

1. Breakout areas are fast becoming an absolute necessity in the successful office. As an alternative area to the traditional desk they bring an element of flexibility and provide the perfect environment for idea-sharing and team building. The strategic addition of bean bags, booths and/or lounge chairs can be all it takes to create an invaluable ‘away-from-the-desk’ area for informal meeting or individual task completion.

2. Environmental thinking is no longer a buzzword and offices are turning greener! It is a fact that team well-being is linked with a connection to nature and bringing the outside inside has a positive effect on your staff’s overall health. Entire walls of moss and plants are being introduced into offices as eye-catching statement pieces. These take many forms and can be authentic or artificial (requiring no maintenance). Whatever form they take they are proven to boost staff creativity and have a positive effect on absenteeism and presenteeism making them a shrewd investment!

3. Express yourself! Creating an instant and impactful impression which conveys the individuality of your company brings a sense of community and belonging to your team – being a part of something boosts morale and team spirit. It can be as simple as a graphic feature wall or as quirky as an on-site climbing wall! Whatever your space or budget restrictions a little creative thought can go a long way!

Why don’t you start the year by making a positive impact on your workspace? Give us a call and we will happily offer you our expert advice as to how to achieve your new year goals within your given budget! We are currently offering free space-planning too!
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