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New Year’s Resolutions- we’ve got your back!

ergonomic desk

So the party’s over and we are well and truly back to the office after the over-indulgence of the festive period. If your office is anything like ours you will have binned the chocolate, be wearing your ‘Fitbits’ and counting your steps in a bid to shed the Christmas excess and get fit!

Promoting a healthier workplace is most certainly a new year’s resolution to be encouraged! A healthier workplace is a happier and more productive one which benefits both employees and employers. So perhaps now is the time to make some changes to your office environment which will help your staff to achieve their new year goals! Keeping employees on the move is vital to their health, productivity and creativity.

Obviously a huge refurbishment budget is not always readily available but there are a number of inexpensive means by which you can re-energise your business environment!

1 Re-organise your layout – Try ‘zoning’ your workspace so that different spaces are created for different kinds of work and they encourage your staff to move around the office. Office environments which incorporate ‘break out’ areas in the form of meet or work ‘away-from-the-desk’ areas optimise space and provide a healthy working atmosphere. Break out spaces can be quiet, collaborative, formal, informal, fixed, flexible and functional, the optimal blend will vary by company.

2 Consider your ergonomics – Ergonomics and orthopaedic seating options are no longer an expensive option with more and more manufacturers producing posture improving office chairs. Sit-stand desks enable us to stand and not sit whilst we are working. We have a great collection of ergonomic chairs in our showroom we would be happy to show you around, lend you a chair and do workstation health checks.

3 Brighten up your environment- add accent colours on walls and into flooring or clever lighting techniques. Digital printing allows you to create personalised feature areas which give your business real personality for minimal expenditure and can seriously boost your staff motivation.

Whatever your remit or budget give us a call! We are now all back in the office and ready to help with all your workplace improvements! Happy 2018 everyone! We look forward to working with you soon!

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