Office refurbishment solutions on a budget

Times are tough for business at present and refurbishing your office might not be at the top of your list of things to do but ignore it at your peril!!
It is common knowledge that refurbishing your office has a positive effect in motivating your people and reinvigorating your whole business. What’s more you don’t need a big budget to achieve highly impactful changes. A keen budget does not necessarily mean compromise. Here’s a sample of some innovative and cost-effective changes that we could make happen for you;
1- Digital printing – the simplicity and cost of creating bespoke digital wallpaper means that it has become an impactful and cost-effective way of creating a focal point in any office environment. It can refresh and add personality to your work place whilst at the same time adding interest to a previously dull and drab area.
2 – Colour!! – clever use of accent colours on walls and in flooring areas can give the office a new lease of life whilst keeping the cost down. Working with what you already have and adding contrast by means of colour and texture, particularly in front of house areas will give your customers a positive impression of your business and your brand.
3 – Let there be light! – Intelligent lighting solutions can subtlely and inexpensively ‘zone’ different areas. Different ‘whites’ create different work atmospheres and are therefore conducive to the completion of different tasks. For example, warmer ‘whites’ create a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere conducive to collaborative, informal meeting spaces whilst ‘blue whites’ create more focussed areas.
4 – Re-covering your seats – instead of going to the expense of replacing all your existing furnishings, why not just give them a face lift? It could save you a pretty penny and achieve your desired outcome at a fraction of the cost. We recently completed a job for BAA in Terminals 1 and 3 where we recovered thousands of chairs in the departure lounges. The total cost saving was estimated at more than 75% which equates to a huge amount of money! We also have a warehouse full of ‘nearly new’ office furniture items which will help your budget go even further!
5 – Staff focus – brightening up or creating office common areas such as tea points and break out areas give your people a sense that they are being ‘looked after’ which will improve their comfort and morale.
6 – Noise control – Nowadays the open plan office environment is favoured, not only because it optimises floor space but also because it creates an office ‘buzz’. This can ultimately create noise issues which are restrictive to working. Visually dramatic noise control solutions such as upholstered wall panels and perforated ceiling tiles are low cost, effective solutions when used intelligently to solve this problem.
No job is too big or too small for us at Metric, whatever your refurbishment budget and your requirements we are up for the challenge! We also have a range of financing options.

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