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Suffering from Presenteeism? Metric can help!

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Cited as being the biggest threat to workplace productivity ‘presenteeism’ is making the news this week. It is estimated to be costing European businesses a staggering 73 billion Euros per annum so it is an issue well worth addressing – and an investment which is likely to reap huge rewards.

Brits are amongst the worst affected in Europe with 52% of UK workers going to work when their performance is negatively affected by work related health issues or other illnesses. In effect, their productivity is compromised as they are unable to function properly resulting in the quality and volume of their work being impacted.

UK employees suffer predominantly with backache, neck aches and headaches as a result of unhealthy working practices. The main bad work habits contributing to to their health are poor posture (sitting at desks), not drinking enough water and sitting for too long.

So, to address the resulting reduction in work out put it is crucial to address workplace health to achieve e a happier, engaged and more productive workforce.

Here’s how Metric can help! Ergonomic products from chairs to foot rests can support and improve an employee’s posture while they work. Not only do we perform workplace health checks but we also have a showroom with a plethora of sensibly priced ergonomic chairs to suit all body types. We can advise you on the best products to achieve postural health to suit any budget.

It is reported that two thirds of managers believe that their teams would feel more motivated and engaged by having sit-stand desks (enabling them to vary their working posture during the day). We supply a vast array of products made by various manufacturers which will fit any brief and budget that you might have.

Get in touch with us and one of our workplace experts will happily assess and advise on your requirements.

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