In accordance with Government guidelines our offices are now closed.

Please stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. We will see you on the other side!

Time to plan your post-lockdown workplace!

Gov Regs reducing physical contact

The vaccination programme is going at a great pace here in the UK but Covid-19 isn’t going away anytime soon! There has never been a better time to plan and invest in our post-lockdown workplaces than now. We are going to be living with the virus for the foreseeable future and it’s time to put measures into place to protect staff and, where possible, avoid further disruptions to our businesses  It’s time to take back control – pre-planning will ultimately reap profitable rewards!

There is little doubt that the pandemic has changed the workplace as we once knew it! Working from home has been broadly successful and it’s a trend which is likely to continue. As such, many offices are re-evaluating their use of space. If staff are continuing to work from home then the office can not only reconfigure desks to ensure safe, social distancing but also allocate any free space productively. This could take the form of creating break-out and team meeting areas which adhere to Covid-safe guidelines. Manufacturers have shown great foresight and are producing products with Covid in mind. Safe creation of these spaces requires attention to spacing (design), ventilation, use of screens, hygiene/sanitisation stations and there’s even an anti-viral fabric treatment which reduces the potential for viral transmission from fabric surfaces.

Whatever your situation give us a call and let us help to plan your return to the workplace! A simple lick of paint might be all you need to make the office a more inviting place for your staff to return to. We are all in this together and we would be happy to help to advise and deliver your safe, post-lockdown work environment so you can hit the ground running! Give us a call! 01784 456850


Covid booth

Screening helps to prepare your business for the new normal. An on-site rapid testing set-up means that you can test your team, visitors and contractors and protect your workplace and workforce and avoid mass isolation and the disruption that that brings to your business!  

Our Covid testing booths are freestanding, sturdy and practical. They can be set up in reception areas to provide an individual private space or modules can be added-on easily to produce extensive testing sites which occupy vast areas. They are available in a number of finishes and protective acrylic screens for safe interaction. They are quickly and simply assembled and dissembled as necessary.

Safe Soft Seating

covid fab

StaySafe is an advanced textile treatment which reduces the potential for viral transmission from fabric surfaces. When applied to fabric it destroys viruses and kills bacteria meaning safer interior spaces. Perfect for usage in waiting areas, breakout spaces and educational setting and available in a range of wool and polyester fabrics. Ask us for details should you require new soft furnishings or if you might require re-covering/reupholstery of existing seating.

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