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Pioneers in quality storage solutions that make yours a smarter, stylish and structured place to work.

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Even at the height of the digital age, today’s workplaces are still chock-full with an assortment of physical items that are essential to our day-to-day operations.

If it’s not those vital reports, documents and personnel files, it’s the personal items and other articles our teams need to feel comfortable and do their jobs effectively. That’s not to mention the plethora of peripherals, papers and powerful gadgets that all need a home in the modern office.

Without proper storage, all of that stuff creates a cluttered, unorganised environment that serves as a serious obstacle to achieving the kind of productive, efficient and harmonious work environment your business needs in order to truly thrive. Sure, one option is to run to your local wholesalers and stock up on the same bland, uniform storage cupboards and filing cabinets that every office in the land has used since the 80s, but let’s face it:

Bringing that kind of furniture into your workplace creates a dull, drab aesthetic which does little to keep staff morale at its optimum best. What you need then is something that perfectly brings together the best of both worlds:  Effective storage solutions that not only help your teams perform at their best, but which make your office a bright, positive place to work.

Bisley: Beautiful, flexible and functional furniture for the modern workplace

Just like their products, Bisley’s history is unlike any manufacturer we know.  The company got their start way back in the 1930s when a man named Freddy Brown set-up shop to repair damaged cars in St. John’s, Surrey.

By the time war broke out, the company had relocated across Surrey to Bisley, and won several wartime contracts, including one to design and create the first containers that could be dropped safely to land via parachute.  Once the war was over, the company initially returned to car repairs, but now found themselves with a manufacturing plant and nothing to manufacture.

As the UK began to rebuild its economy, Bisley turned their attention to office supplies, first manufacturing steel waste paper bins before inventing their flagship product, the MultiDrawer, in 1958.

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Helping countless global businesses make the most of their environment

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Today, the MultiDrawer -a freestanding filing system with multiple, slimline drawers- boasts sales in excess of two million. Awarded a Design Guild Mark in 2017, this iconic piece of furniture is a staple of the modern office and also the very product that helped earn Bisley a reputation as true pioneers in their industry. Over the decades, the company has not only expanded its portfolio but also its global reach, serving businesses across Europe, North America, and Dubai.

Elegant storage solutions for all environments

What makes the company such an international success is the versatility and unique designs of their groundbreaking products.

Taking inspiration from the original MultiDrawer, the company now offers a diverse catalogue of storage products to suit any workspace and any occupation.

From the freestanding storage towers and pedestal towers that can be placed beneath or beside a desk to optimise space and improve organisation to the innovative Bite mobile storage solutions that are ideal for hot desking environments, every product is designed to complement the design of your office as well as offering maximum functionality.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company also offer locker solutions with a slick, contemporary design, collaborative working solutions and a range of solid and versatile furniture for industrial environments.