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Breakout Seating

In today’s work environment soft seating areas often become the heart of the office.

A well designed break-out space can serve many purposes providing a meet and greet area for visitors and clients, an informal (team) meeting area for discussion, debate and a cuppa or an ‘escape-from-the-desk’ area for focussed thought. There are health benefits too! Encouraging staff to move around during the day promotes well being and improved posture.

There is an extensive choice of  soft seating and breakout furniture available on the market, as well as a plethora of fabrics allowing every client to express their own very individual company and brand personality!

Be Inspired

Soft seating areas allow a company to express its personality whilst at the same time facilitating modern work practices.

Informal, collaborative meeting spaces inspire chat and creative ideas, social areas encourage open discussion and problem solving and by encouraging ‘away-from-the-desk’ working the health and well being of your staff is improved! Win:Win!

You don’t need to devote a vast amount of space or money to make these areas effective either. With a vast array of styles and fabrics we will find the right combination to achieve the look and purpose you require for the right budget. When Belmont Green moved into their new furnished offices they wanted to make them their own and cleverly did so by introducing soft furnishings through their reception and circulation areas. The inclusion of Orangebox’s Boundary range created a multi-use space in keeping with their corporate style.

Whatever your requirement why not visit our showroom? We have an extensive selection of soft seating for your inspiration!