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Smarter solutions designed to help forward-thinking businesses improve collaboration and adapt to the continually-changing world of work.

Specialising in: Office and commercial furniture, including task seating, agile working solutions, meeting pods, work tables

On the surface, London-based Orangebox seems just like any other high-end office furniture manufacturer.

After all, they specialise in premium-grade craftsmanship, creative designs that harmonise ergonomics and aesthetic appeal, and materials that enable every product to offer the ideal combination of portability and durability.

Talk to anyone working for the company, however, and it soon becomes apparent that quality design and exceptionally high manufacturing standards are only a byproduct of Orangebox following their true passion:


Yes, every chair, every table, every booth, banquette and high-back sofa is guarenteed to be a talking point of any space its placed into,  but look:

This office furniture isn’t there to serve merely as decoration.

It’s there to serve a practical purpose, which is this:

To help the people in your organisation to work smarter, better, and more efficiently. To provide comfortable, stylish spaces creative individuals will love escaping to in order to work on the big ideas that will change your industry for the better and to build ideal places where those individuals can get together to meet, work, and create.

Following that purpose has enabled Orangebox to build a sizeable reputation as the favourite office furniture supplier among young (and young-at-heart), future-focussed businesses.

office furniture orangebox office chair
orangebox office chair


Best-selling pods for personal use and collaborative working

office furniture orangebox
orangebox pod
It was originally task chairs that brought Orangebox to the proverbial dance, and while they continue to break new ground in that area, it’s their brand of pods that really make the company what it is today. The companies Airea pods are among the industry’s top sellers and come in a range of styles, shapes, and furnishings so that they blend in seamlessly with their surrounding environment. Elsewhere, their ‘phone booth’ style personal pods are an excellent option for those looking to incorporate a space for personal and acoustic privacy in the middle of a thriving, open-plan office.

Beautifully curated collections built for today’s ever-changing workplaces

The way we work today is already dramatically different from how it was just a few years ago, and if the latest research is anything to go by, it’s only going to continue to change as time goes on.

Always ahead of the curve, Orangebox knows this all too well, and have curated their products into several collections designed to meet the constantly changing needs of today’s organisations.

For hotels looking to revamp their conference rooms, meeting areas and lounges, the Hospitality collection brings together chairs, tables, sofas and other items catering to the modern mobile worker.

Meanwhile, the Wood collection offers a series of handcrafted products which add a timeless sense of style and warmth to meeting spaces, dining rooms and break-out areas.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t touch on the company’s innovative array of away-from-desk products, including elegantly-designed coves, high-back sofas, and unique freestanding media units.