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Meeting Booths

Meeting areas don’t always need doors and walls.

Innovative, flexible meeting furniture provides private space for formal and informal presentation and discussion.

Freestanding meeting areas look stylish and provide the perfect backdrop for the exchange and development of ideas. Innovative use of acoustic panelling and screening create privacy in open plan areas.

The following represents just a sample of the executive chairs that we have on offer.


Meeting booths come in all shapes and sizes to suit even the most individual of environments. Open-plan offices have long been universally accepted as a means of optimising space and creating collaborative environments. Such environments bring with them the challenge of noise and distraction. Meeting booths go some way to providing a flexible, cost-effective solution to this problem. They are an efficient use of office space, can be relocated easily and offer increased acoustics for meetings, training, office work and phone calls. Creative ideas are more likely to flow during a relaxed conversation in informal spaces. It was with this in mind that Adelie Foods added the Entente booth from Lyndon Design to their newly refurbished offices in Heathrow. They provide much needed ‘escape from the desk’ areas for discussion and add a modern, elegant look and feel to the office. For advice on how a meeting booth can complement your workspace speak to our experts.