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Contemporary chairs and stylish seating with a focus on comfort and healthy sitting.

Specialising in: Office task chairs, ergonomic and educational seating

Improving the way we sit for over forty years

There are some chair manufacturers who make style their number one priority, who always push the boundaries of standard design and set out to redefine the possibilities of modern commercial furniture.

There are others for whom the greatest source of their pride comes from the quality of their materials and their exceptional craftsmanship, who set themselves apart from the crowd with beautifully-built chairs that manage to be lightweight, durable and environmentally-friendly all at once.

Then there’s Summit, who choose to focus on what’s really important:

The health and well-being of those who use their range of seating solutions designed for commercial workplaces, educational establishments and healthcare facilities.

Think about it:

We spend more time than ever before at our desks or sitting around, connecting to the world via any number of different devices.

Like it or not, all that sitting isn’t exactly the healthiest way to spend our time.

But with Summit, it doesn’t have to be the worst way to spend our time either.

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Where comfort, creativity and quality combine

Office seating services
Office seating services
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office desk chair
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Yes, health and well-being are the key factors driving the company’s commitment to innovation, but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice aesthetic appeal or quality materials. With all this talk of ergonomic design and healthy seating, it’s tempting to forget that solid manufacturing, sustainable materials and, of course, beautiful design, are still very important factors in choosing the right seating for your space. Fortunately, Summit doesn’t scrimp on those either. Bringing skilled professionals together with the latest next-generation manufacturing technology allows the brand to take sustainable materials and transform them into robust, lightweight furniture that’s built to serve you, your teams, your students or your customers for years. The best part? Whether it’s the unique ‘Grand Piano’ sofa with its highly original design and perfectly upholstered finish, the super-sturdy Cyrus brand of bariatric seating, or their pioneering Sensit-Air operator chair, every item comes with a cool, contemporary design that makes it the ideal addition to any modern environment.

Summit: changing the way we sit

The company was first established in 1977 and, within a few years, were already beginning to do things differently by producing distinctive typing chairs with adjustable seats and backs, giving office workers complete control over the way they sat.

All this, of course, was at a time when little was known -or at least discussed- about the importance of good posture and healthy sitting in the workplace.

By the early 1990s, the company were fully invested in changing the way we sat – pouring countless resources into researching ergonomic seating and the benefits of having a healthy, comfortable place to sit and work.

Over the years, this research has paid dividends, not only for Summit itself, but for its countless loyal customers.

Today, offices, schools and healthcare practices have a wealth of exceptionally comfortable task chairs, benches, meeting room chairs and sofas to choose from, each one specifically designed for optimum comfort and well-being.

That’s not to mention the number of seating solutions available for waiting and reception rooms, dining areas, and classrooms that the company have to offer.