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Visitor Seating

Today’s collaborative workplace demands a hugely diverse range of meeting chairs. As such there are a vast number of styles, sizes and options available suitable to achieve whatever their purpose whether it be training, conference or conventional meeting.

Space saving, stackable options are available as well as a variety of frames and finishes meaning that any ‘look’ can be achieved from relaxed to exclusive.

The following represents just a sample of the visitor chairs that we have on offer.


Metric’s experts can steer you through the infinite options helping you to find the perfect solution to keep participants focussed and engaged. We are experienced in dealing with diverse, multi-functional scenarios. Our client Kyocera required a space that could act as a showroom whilst offering the option to hold conferences, staff training and formal board meetings. Clever space planning and stackable chairs delivered an easily reconfigurable space which could be adapted simply to their requirements. Should you require any advice regarding meeting seating please do not hesitate to call one of our experts who would be happy to help.