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Mesh Chairs

Mesh is fast becoming the most popular option for workplace seating.

It gives a modern stylish look to any office environment and has many advantages over foam and fabric options which over time lose their shape and density.

Mesh is flexible, easy to clean and maintain and surprising durable. It also offers comfort benefits making for a happy and productive workforce. The following represent just a sample of some of our bestsellers.


Mesh allows for increased ventilation and air flow through the chair. Not only does this keep the back cool and dry but it also reduces muscle fatigue. The flexibility of the fabric provides comfort as it allows the back to mould effortlessly whilst providing exceptional support. It is more resistant to wear and tear than fabric, the tight weave means that it is less likely to rip or tear. Most mesh chairs are ergonomically shaped for improved posture too. Dnata were looking for a clean, modern and stylish finish for their Cargo team at South Point cargo facility. We coupled white bench desking with mesh backed seating to optimise use of the open plan area. Verco ‘Salt ‘n Pepper’ mesh seating was their choice due to its exceptional comfort and advanced technical construction.