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Boss Design

Where classic style and contemporary elegance combine to create innovative designs for commercial spaces.

Specialising in: media units, meeting and conference solutions, pods, task seating and more

A minimalist approach adding maximum value to any office space

In every industry and in every walk of life, there are those who lead and those who follow. There are those who push to break new ground, challenge the norm, and change the world for the better, and then there are those who quite content to simply sit back and settle for the status quo.

For Boss Design founder Brian Murray, settling for anything was never an option.

Despite leaving school with just a single O-Level, Murray hustled his way into an accounting role at a furniture manufacturing company and eventually found himself with the title Head of Finance. When that company fell on hard times, he took a gamble.

Risking it all on a £20,000 loan from the bank, Murray designed his first chair and found a British furniture manufacturer that was prepared to make it for him.

From that point on, Boss Design came to life and was an instant success.

The gamble pays off

It was the early 1980s, and everyone from the BBC to the Hippodrome in Leicester Square were snapping up the company’s maiden product, a simple chair known as The Delphi.

Thirty years later, having bought out both Lyndon and Komac along the way, the Boss Designs Group continues to lead the way in furniture design innovation.

The Delphi may have been put to rest, but in its place came a catalogue of simple-yet-stylish products which give a subtle nod to the aesthetic trends of the era in which the company was formed whilst ensuring that every product looks right at home in even the most ultra-modern of work environments.

LIL 6 Boss Design
MRS2OAK boss design

Cutting edge creations from Komac

Where the Lyndon brand is all about timeless style and limitless sophistication, Boss Design Group's Komac range goes the other way - with fresh, funky seating solutions that are guaranteed to create a memorable first impression whenever anybody visits your business.

Media-Cocoon LR
Boss 2 office furniture
ENT2 Entente - Booth blue
Agent Barstools boss design
PEK 1 Boss Design
ART11 ArthurHBBump-CompSofa-Front
Never losing sight of what made them a success in the first place, Boss Design continues to offer a range of chairs and seating solutions for offices, breakout areas and other commercial spaces, each one combining modern minimalist influences with a classic style that lends each piece a certain sense of sophistication. Yet don’t mistake Boss Design furniture as being all style and no substance. Every piece is ergonomically designed to make it a practical addition to your environment. What’s more, the brand offers a number of other products that not only enhance the look and feel of your business’ premises, but which go a long way in making working and collaborating more effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

Brilliant break-out areas, magnificent media units and more

Continuing to take Boss Design to the forefront of British furniture manufacturing, Brian Murray has spent the past several decades leading the company into new and exciting avenues, coming out with cool break-out furniture, media units, and workstation pods.

Leading the way in luxury

For commercial spaces that require that added touch of luxury, the company’s Lyndon brand offers a range of elegantly designed, exquisitely upholstered furnishings.