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Countdown to 50!

1970 office
1970 office

As we approach our 50th year in business and start to plan our forthcoming celebrations we can’t help but reflect on how much has changed since Metric was born in 1970. We are still family owned and managed and we still enjoy a reputation for second-to-none customer service but the world of office furniture has changed beyond all recognition and so too has the workplace!

Office space has shrunk considerably since the days of the cubicle layout which was all the rage in the 70s/80s. People quite simply don’t need the space that they used to! Advances in technology have meant that less and less room is required for computer monitors – gone are the typewriters and the cumbersome word processors instead we work from slimline monitors and laptops. No longer do we need the rows and rows of filing and storage cabinets instead we store in the cloud.

The office layout couldn’t be more different either! Square footage is now devoted to collaboration! Workers are no longer tied to the desk nor bound by walls. Offices nowadays tend to be open areas with few barriers to communication with shared spaces dedicated to encouraging sociability. Efficient WiFi and ample charging points are a priority for the modern workplace.

With an increased emphasis on employee welfare we have seen the rise and rise of ergonomic furniture, the sit-stand desk and the inclusion of break out and other informal ‘away-from-the-desk’ meeting areas.

Over the years we have had to adapt and roll with the changes! We have seen many a competitor fall by the wayside! We have evolved to become the forward-thinking commercial design, fit-out and refurbishment company that it is today! We look forward to be being around for another 50 years!!

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