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Doing our bit for the environment

water bottles

Whilst the world wakes up to the crisis of plastic waste clogging our waterways, polluting our oceans and littering our streets we still buy one million plastic bottles every minute (globally)! Currently only 9% of these bottles are recycled and their decomposition takes somewhere in the region of 450 years. Clearly there is a huge void between customer convenience and its detrimental effect on the environment.

To bring some of these scary statistics closer to home plastic bottles and caps rank as the 3rd and 4th most collected rubbish items in the UK  where the average person uses 150 plastic water bottles per year (a daily consumption of 38.5 million bottles)! The evolution of the plastic bottle from amazing to enemy of the atmosphere has spurred us into taking action to do our bit for the planet!

Reports and protests have brought public awareness to the perils of single use plastics and more and more people are investing in reusable drink bottles. We tested these out and liked them so much that we produced our own Metric water bottles for our customers!  Our branded water bottles are available in 5 colours. They hold 500ml, they don’t leak and they are dishwasher proof. They keep liquid cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. They are a hit with all of us! Drop into the showroom for your free drinks bottle or make sure your project manager sends you the colour of your choice.

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