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Praise indeed! “We are immensely pleased with the office fit out that Metric completed on time and on budget. The facility looks breathtakingly beautiful...” #officefurniture #fitout #officedesign #interiors #heathrow…

In accordance with Government guidelines our offices are now closed.

Please stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. We will see you on the other side!


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These are strange and difficult times but in the midst of a pandemic crisis it seems we are finding a new connection with the great outdoors.

Covid-19 has driven us all indoors and we are all doing our part to prevent the spread of the disease by staying at home and practising social distancing. We are encouraged to go outdoors to exercise for just one hour and this has become the highlight of our day! Before Covid-19 only 50% of adults spent any time outdoors just once a week but perhaps we are creating new habits which will last beyond lockdown?

Our renewed appreciation of nature is known to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Time spent in the currently even fresher air is doing wonders for our physical and mental health, it builds our immunity (boosts our vitamin D intake) and lowers our blood pressure whilst lifting our mood and energy levels. Studies have shown that people’s mental energy bounces back even just looking at pictures of the great outdoors!

With this in mind and in preparation of our release from lockdown now might be a good time to think about how we can continue to benefit from this engagement with the outdoors when we finally get back into the office. Biophilia has been an industry buzzword for some time but the current situation has made it all the more relevant. It has been proven to reduce stress and absenteeism and increase productivity and creativity. Coming out of lockdown is going to be an anxious time so why not make the office a welcoming place to come back to?  An environment which is inspiring and mood-enhancing. Some simple, inexpensive additions/amendments can make all the difference to the work environment. Here are some ideas you might like to consider:

  • Optimise your natural light. There is nothing more gloomy than dingy work areas. Clever design and removal of solid walls or the introduction of glass partitioning can all make the workplace a naturally brighter place.
  • Biophilia – bringing the outdoors indoors. The introduction of living plants/ walls are known to be mood lifting. Even graphics and astroturf can create a soothing connection with nature.
  • Embrace colour- the introduction of bright, happy colour can bring cheer and energy into a work space. Either through the introduction of feature walls or funky furniture.
  • Utilise available outdoor areas by adding seating, tables etc to encourage staff to work outdoors.
  • Natural features – using natural materials like wood or stone through the introduction of flooring

For advice as to how we can help you to achieve a positive outdoor connection with your work environment give us a call 01784456850 or email us

We can beat this disease and take the positive from this situation as we relaunch after lockdown. In the meantime #stayhome #staysafe #happylockdown

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Metric Interiors

Praise indeed! “We are immensely pleased with the office fit out that Metric completed on time and on budget. The facility looks breathtakingly beautiful...” #officefurniture #fitout #officedesign #interiors #heathrow…